WANG Suo Yuan

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Added Sep 23, 2019

About my work

My work mainly consists of permanent research through a very personal pictorial writing that defines my creation. By confronting eastern and western traditions, by combining these two different thoughts, by mixing different materials, I try to find a combination that offers a contemporary vision and translates the expression and the evolution of current art.

By being inspired by the elements that make up our universe - water, fire, wood, earth, metals -, or by phenomena like light and shadow, it is by the point, the line and the plan, which I evoke that which attaches it to the sensitive world. These signs reconstitute a particular imaginary space at the heart of my work, which transports me far from the banalities of everyday life. At each stage of a creation in progress, the possible evolutions and transformations allow me to explore new artistic territories, without limit.
I wonder at the same time on the concept of time by making experiments by my own creation. By stopping certain works halfway, then by finishing them some years later, for example. It is an entry point for observing and revisiting the form, image and material of each work from a new perspective through the simultaneous evolution between the artist and his work.

In my work, somehow I would also find the thoroughness and fantasy of jewelry, as in my works - objects created by the intelligence of the hand. The influence of these craftsmen - transmitted by my own culture during my youth and by this profession that I learned before - is always present and permeates my work.


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